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Adios! Auf weidersehen! Buh-bye!

Posted by Gwen |

You guys place nice together while I'm gone. Always remember that I am probably watching you . I hope to drunk blog but I refuse to stop having fun just to write about it so we'll see.

Until I return, please enjoy these Married to the Sea comics:

Married To The Sea

Married To The Sea


hello haha narf said...

i miss you already!!

(totally agree about the stop having fun to write about it, unless the writing becomes a part of the fun!)

Dr Zibbs said...

Have fun and bring protection. Also, use Helful Helloise's tip of "Write your drunk tips on a napkin that shows the bar you're at. Then, when at home, scan the napkin and post it on your blog. The readers will enjoy it, and you'll have a nice keepsake."

Keeper Of All Things said...

Your to funny.....

Whiskeymarie said...

Don't get arrested. And if you do, call Dr. Zibbs for bail money.
I hear he's loaded.

Renaissance Woman said...

TGIF...go have fun and I want to hear all Dr. Zibbs bailing you out.

Liz said...

Is Auf weidersehen what Hedi says when someone gets kick off Project Runway? I feel so rejected!

Love Chicago! Have a great trip.

RW said...

Where ya goin???

Mo said...

Woo hoo! Have fun in Chi. If you need any tips, let me know--I lived there for 15 years :)