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Da roof, da roof, da roof is coming off!

Posted by Gwen |

I've been in bad need of a new roof on the garage since I bought this house but over time other things have been more important like new windows and shoes. A while back the city decided for me that it was time and gave me until the end of August to get it fixed.

My contractor and his guys showed up at 6 am today and started working. I decided to take the day off so I could watch. I've got the perfect vantage point in the sun room off my bedroom. I think they can see me sitting in the window with my camera, but hey, I'm paying for their services so I can gawk all I want, right?

As you can see there were many, many layers (at least seven) of old shingles to take off. As I write this it is 9 am and they only have about half of it off.

It's this side of the roof, the one they're starting on in this picture, that is really bad and caving in from water damage. I keep seeing them walking on it and it's making me nervous. I'll be back later to show you the water damaged hole and their progress.


He's working right over the big hole. Careful, dude!

In the time it took me to take a shower they got the rotten boards pulled. There seems to be a lot of visiting and decision-making but when they move, they move quick.

I wasn't kidding when I told you to be careful, man. Get back up there on the solid part!

UPDATE AT 1:30 PM: This is how they left it for the day. There was a lot to clean up (they even picked up all the bits that fell into the flower beds!) and it was pretty hot by the time they were done. All that's left to do tomorrow is applying felt and shingles. I sure wish I could stay home and watch again tomorrow. Is that weird?


Dr Zibbs said...

Oh you will get caught. a few years ago when the house next store was for sale, I was peaking out of the window through plastic blinds. I noticed a month later that because how the sun hits it, I wasn't hidden at all. What people saw was the outline of man staring at them like Norman Bates.

Gwen said...

Zibbs: I did get caught! I have one of the windows wide open upstairs and my contractor saw me and waved. He also told me how hot it was up there. I kinda feel bad for sitting in the air conditioning watching, but Im not going out there.

Falwless said...

I'm laughing at Zibbs.

Are any of them hot, Gwen? I can't really tell. That could make for a fine afternoon indeed.

Gwen said...

Sadly, no. I think my contractor is cute but only because he's from Oklahoma and has a Toby Keith quality to him.

McGone said...

Wait... you're saying the Toby Keith quality is the thing working to his advantage? You women confuse me.

hello haha narf said...

i need a new roof, but i won't be able to watch (and photograph!) like you did. looks like a relaxing day for you.

now get out there and take those boys some sweet tea or lemonade or something!

Renaissance Woman said...

Taking pictures while they work...great way to motivate. LOL

Darrin said...

I reaaaalllly need to get my roof done before winter. Although I'll be getting patches fixed rather than the whole thing. Wish I was loaded like you! LOL!
Jus' kiddin'