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Dead fish and bowling.

Posted by Gwen |

My heart grew three sizes yesterday when I read your sweet comments on the passing of Michael K. Brown. It was so nice of all of you to take a moment and grieve with me. I held a mid-morning memorial service in the ladies' room (because the guys kicked me out of theirs.)

Mr. Michael was a beauty. He had a red body with long, curly blue fringe. It was unnerving to find him on the bottom of his bowl this morning, pale and motionless, but I didn't cry. He had been slightly off the past couple weeks and I wasn't surprised to see him move on.

He was a funny fish. He would come to the edge of his bowl every morning to greet me and helped me focus during tough negotiations.

Such beauty doesn't typically get paired with brains and a great personality, but here he is standing on his head and acting silly to remind me that I shouldn't take myself so seriously. He was a great little office pal. I'll miss him.

But I don't guess I have to convince you guys that having an office fish is groovy. It would seem my Internet niche includes the fish-owning peoples. I was surprised by the number of you who own or have owned a beta. Interesting. I still haven't figured out yet how that's meaningful, but it feels like it is.

Moving on . . . did I tell you guys about bowling yet? No? On Friday afternoon we closed the office early and went bowling. Two games, a pair of shoes, and all the fried food you can eat is all it takes to keep us happy.

The best part was when my team, made up of four girls, won the first game. Yup, you heard me, we won. One member of our team is on an actual league and bowled a 162 or something krazee, but there was one team with three guys on it. I did bowl over 80, as instructed, but I'm fuzzy on the exact score. (See Saturday morning's post for clarification.)

We each got an old bowling pin as a prize for winning the first game. The alley owner had marked each one with the name of our company and the date and they let us write all over them. It was more gay than signing yearbooks but a lot more fun. Mine's going in the garden next spring.


Eric said...

"BOWLing" Thank GOD! I thought you were going to tell us about your Friday afternoon team "BOWELing" event. I was thinking "Damn, that's one close work group."

Dr Zibbs said...

How can you discuss bowling after the death of that fish thing that died? Seriously, whenever you feel the need to cry over the fish, run into the nurse's office at work and ask if you can use their TV to watch some of the video you made of the fish swimming.

McGone said...

I was too terribly distraught to offer my condolences on the passing of Michael K. Brown before now. Please know you have my sympathy and I will make a donation to Anheuser Busch tonight in his honor.

hello haha narf said...

herk greeted me this morning with such exuberance and i immediately thought of your loss. clearly i have issues.

i thought you said BLOWing was fun. coz it is. just in a totally different way than bowling is.

Renaissance Woman said...

Awsome...an old bowling pin. Much better than a stupid trophy that you have no idea where to hide in your house.

Hey...what about the dating world! You promised more information.

Falwless said...

Wow, none of your commenters can read. I, for one, KNEW you said BOWLING, like the 10 pins and ball kind of BOWLING. I love that you got a prize pin!

Also, like McGone, I was too distraught until now to pass on my condolences. Michael K. Brown was a good fish. Not the BEST fish, but a good one. And he will be missed. Probably. By people other than me. Like you, for instance.

Wow. Remind me to never give a eulogy at a funeral.

Amanda said...

I LOVE the bowling pin trophies! Definitely perfect garden ornament material!

Mo said...

Oh, Michael K. I'm sure he's frolicking about with Alpha and Beta, my expired fish, along with the four African dwarf frogs that went on a food strike and died for some nameless, tragic, trivial cause in my old apartment. May I remember them always, whatever the hell their names were.

RW said...

ow, we just lost a beta as well. This is weird. His name was Spike. Burial at sea happened Sunday.