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Well, good morning Ike.

Posted by Gwen |

I was just awakened by the roar of wind and rain so got up to check it out.  It would seem that noisy bastard Hurricane Ike finally made it to town.  The weather robots say the wind is blowing 20-30 mph but it sure seems faster than that when your windows are rattling.

Here's a video taken out my back door.  What you see is the base level of wind and rain.  About every 5 minutes or so a huge gust of wind howls through and you almost can't see.  I wasn't able to capture a gust because the wind was smashing my arm in the door.  And no, I'm not going out there.  Forget it.

I even left the new bag of cat food in the garage and refuse to go get it.  They can eat tuna for a day.  Crap.  I also left the folding chairs outside.


Dr Zibbs said...

Here's a transcript of what I was hoping to hear (similar to when you filmed the tree burning):

Guy: Oh my god. Ike is HUGE.
Gwen: HAHAHA.. That's what he..she said. HAHAHAHHAHAHA.

hello haha narf said...

hurricanes are a bitch

Renaissance Woman said...

WOW...I would stay inside too! Be safe and I hope it passes without damage very, very soon.

Moe Wanchuk said...

Why don't u get a bar of soap....and some shampoo, and make use of the rain? It's fun bathing in public. You see, you can do that...and I can't...cuz.....you know what cold water does to us guys...right?

words words words said...

I hope your house didn't land on any witches. Trust me, that never ends well.