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Ten Honest Things

Posted by Gwen |

Southern Belle tagged me this morning to post ten honest things about myself.  Considering the amount of sarcasm, hyperbole and tongue-in-cheek humor employed in the making of this blog, stark honesty may give me the hives, but here we go . . .

  1. I worry.  A lot.  About everything.  I worry about money and love and work and my health and sanity.  I worry about whether or not I said the right thing, or if I did the right thing, or if I could have done it better.  Most times I can tune out the buzzing in my head, but when I am tired or hurt it takes over.  The bees have been loud lately and I hope this upcoming week of vacation will make them quiet.

  2. My baby cat, Skylar, is my favorite.  I've had Max longer and he's an awesome cat, well-behaved and genteel, but the baby lets me love and hug on him.  He follows me everywhere I go and cries if he can't be close to me.  He's my shadow and my favorite.  Sorry, Max.

  3. Following Belle's lead with this one, my Internet friendships mean a lot to me.  I lead a very rich social life, attending a dizzying number of concerts and parties and dinners with friends, and yet you've all touched me in a way that has made you just as much a part of my daily life as my IRL friends.  I go about my day seeing things like skulls, skull-topped walking sticks, pigs, monkeys, toilets - hell, my own garage even - and I think of you and giggle.  My IRL conversations are peppered with stories like, "Oh yeah!  Poobomber gave me a pair of Dr. Zibbs' used underwear for Christmas! Hahahaha!"  And they know what I am talking about and laugh with me because they know why it's so funny.  You're a part of me now and I like it.

  4. As I write this I am eating what's left of the slinger I had on Christmas morning.  While H and I were at the diner yesterday I got a text from a Jewish friend that read, "I made a birthday cake for Jesus, but I couldn't fit that many candles on!  Happy X-mas!"  While we were laughing about it we decided we were eating our slingers for the "8 pounds 6 ounces new born infant Jesus who don't even know a word yet" and that it might need to be part of the new tradition.

  5. Reheated slinger sits in your belly like lead.

  6. I sometimes wonder if my marriage could have been saved if I had known then what I know now.

  7. Ten is a lot of things.

  8. I don't typically brush my teeth before bed.  I have a hard time falling asleep - see bees reference in #1 above.  I have to keep myself busy until I am exhausted (which is why many of my posts are published between 10 and 11 pm) and then immediately lay down in order to fall asleep.  Being single there's little chance of a good make-out session before bed and I inherited amazing teeth from my grandpa - didn't get my first cavity until I was 35 and have only had a couple - so I skip it in favor of rest.

  9. I used to be super high-strung about being neat and tidy, and there are some who would insist I still am, but as I've gotten older I've stopped putting so much pressure on myself.  As I sit here my dining room table remains covered by cookie-making supplies for cookies I didn't find the time to make this year.  I really hope it gets put away before I go back to work on January 5th but if it doesn't?  I'm not sure I care.  Unless someone comes over, and then I'll Monica Geller the entire house and make a batch of cookies.

  10. I'm excited for 2009.  This past year wasn't horrible but it wasn't stupendous either.  I'm ready for stupendous, Universe.  Please deliver.
I'm not tagging anyone because I'm not even sure there are seven people on the Internet this week but if you want to do it, be my guest.  Leave a link in the comments if you do.


Anonymous said...

Good list. Expat tagged me for the same thing. #5 and 7 gives me inspiration in case I run out of ideas.

SouthernBelle said...

Awesome, awesome list. I want to say more but I'm supposed to be working right now. Will try to come back later : )

Dr Zibbs said...

Well said.

Giggle Pixie said...

Wonderful list! And #1 also describes me to a tee.

Giggle Pixie said...

Wonderful list! And #1 also describes me to a tee.

SouthernBelle said...

I'm a compulsive worrier too, do you think it's a female thing?

I love my pets equally, but my affection increases with the level of affection they show me, so whoever is giving me the most affection is my favorite in the moment. Kinda like my human friendships!!!
; P

What is a slinger?

Ten IS a lot of things, it was super hard to come up with that many, huh?

I'm glad you feel wiser and sorry you feel like wisdom may not have come in time. I'm not wise at all when it comes to my own relationships, but my advice for other people is killer.

Scope said...

I would not say the "fresh" slinger I had sat like lead in my belly. More like I rented it for about 45 minutes. I could go into details about running around that empty mall down town, desparate for a bathroomAn experiencing a serious, "code brown" but I won't.

Oh, I guess I did.

pistols at dawn said...

I may have touched many people, but I paid for every evening.

Alice said...

Merry Christmas Gwen... hope this year is even better. I wish I had a social life.... I envy you!

Renaissance Woman said...

Okay I swear that when I read your blog I feel like we have been talking for years. I have the same issue as your #1, #8 and #10! You have meant a lot to me this year...thank you!

Sass said...

Hi gorgeous. ;)

I DO still exist. hee hee.

I loved your list, and I think you're so right about the blogging friendships meaning so much.

I can't wait to get back to this thing! I've been falling so behind!!!! :)

Miss ya!

That damn expat said...

Great list! I'm a worrier too.
Merry Christmas!

hello haha narf said...

regarding number 10? AMEN!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I hope you have a great vacation and a great New Year!! I love your honest list. Nice job!

mike said...

Wow it seems like everyone is a worrier, too. (I am, BIG time. I sometimes can't fall asleep for hours and hours while my mind spins like a meth-head with vertigo) I also don't brush my teeth before bed.

mike said...

by the way, I just looked at the link to Slinger... it looks AWESOME. I am going to make that as soon as possible.

H said...

Hey sweetie - you know what a HUGE worrier I am. Didn't sleep last night in anticipation of what work had in store for me today. And now I am just plain o' sick-to-my-stomach-lunch-didn't-stay-down-worried. Ahhhh the joys of working with these peeps.

Great list.
Oh and psst...Universe...Gwen is due!

Amanda said...

#1. Check

#2. Sometimes I have a favorite KID. I did not just say that out loud did I?

#3. Ditto

#4. Fun!

#5. I think it would slide right through mine. I don't have a gall bladder.

#6. We all wonder things like this. Would we fall in love with the same person? Would we have the same job? It all makes you the wonderful person you are today!

#7. A LOT

#8. Me either although I make my kids.

#9. The Monica Geller's of the world scare me and make me wish I could be more like them.

#10. Bring on 2009. I don't have any warm gushies about 2008.

Amanda said...

#11. I wish I could modify my comment above for poor grammar.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I don't always brush my teeth before bed either - and I will probably write about it when I do my own 10 honest things after the new year.

words words words said...

MUST HAVE SLINGER NOW. How this magical food managed to escape my attentions for this long is a mystery.

Also, your new design is utterly aces.