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Where we've been convinced to write a new post on Dec. 2. Stay tuned!

Has it really been three days since I posted last?  That might be an EILCC record.  I feel a bit out of practice as I sit here so I'm just hoping you stop to say hi.  I miss you.  How was your Christmas?  Tell me what you got.

I am so late sending a hale and hearty THANK YOU! to Suze for the Christmas package she sent me.  It arrived weeks ago but I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to show off my awesome gifties.

First, coasters.  Very special holiday coasters that make me laugh every time I see them.  I am a huge fan of Subversive Cross Stitch, so much so that I considered stitching one or two for a couple of you, but that seemed like a lot of work so I didn't.

BTW, I am also very late in publicly thanking Sass and MelO for the bottle of red they gave me for hosting the Hot Blogger Holiday Hook-Up.  A lovely 2007 bottle of Bitch.  It's so perfect I don't want to open it.  Thanks, ladies!

Suze's Magic Bag of Xmas, also emblazoned with "Happy F%#king Holidays!" in a bright red and green repeating pattern, contained this:

sometimes when I'm alone I google myself

I wore it out last Friday night and it was so popular that my friend Sean dragged me into the ladies' room and made me switch shirts.

Alright, alright, he may not have accosted me as described above.  In fact, it might have even been my idea.  Who's to say?

So that's about it.  I ran some errands yesterday but only because I needed additional supplies - movies, books, food, cat food - in order to continue my impression of an agoraphobic recluse. So far I've watched:


Scope said...

Wish I wasn't at work this week, either.

Sounds like you got a good stash-o-stuff.

The most exciting thing I got for Christmas was a step ladder so I can change my ceiling bulbs. That and an art project that ya'll were supposed to help me with, but I never got around to writing about. It's where you spell your last name using manhole covers for "O" and a bent tree branch for an "L".

And movies that I never get sick of:
Princess Bride

Any of those show up on TNT and I have to watch to completion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen! Welcome back. The one movie I can watch ad naseum is "Shawshank Redemption." Just love that movie

LYDIA said...

Hi Gwen! I received your Christmas card and loved it! Sorry I blew this year and didn't send out any :(

I just saw Burn After Reading and X-files. Should I ruin them for you? Let's discuss X-files when you finish.....

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked the gifts. Your boobs filled it out nicely - your friends did not :) Happy F&cking Monday.

Dr Zibbs said...

Gwen, thanks for the card! And I love how it was addressed to the Lebner family. That's what Falwless used to think my last name was.

SouthernBelle said...

Burn After Reading is excellent.

Star Wars (all of them in serial)
Lord of the Rings movies (all of them in serial)

probably more but those are my 1st picks. Also, I am a giant nerd!

Alice said...

Welcome back Gwen!!!!! I can watch Snatch over and over too!! Oh and fight club but thats because Brad Pitt is half naked in it

Whiskeymarie said...

I can watch "Law & Order" over and over and over- even the ones I've seen 14 times already. And, it's embarrassing to say, "Sex and the City". I understand if you want to disown me for that one.

*Sixteen Candles
*Pretty in Pink
*Flirting with Disaster
*Sin City
*North by Northwest
*So many, many more...

Scope said...

WhiskeyMarie is a Sin City fan? And I already thought you were intimidatingly perfect, and you throw that bomb out there like Marv on a bender!?!?!

hello haha narf said...

oh my fuck, that shirt is awesome. although it really looked better on you.

glad you got fun stuff!

SouthernBelle said...

Also, glad top see I'm not the only one who loses 10% from each side of any t-shirt slogan due to boobage.

'Tis a curse I tell ya!

mike said...

I could look at that picture of your, uh, T shirt over and over again.

But as far as movies, there are so many. I watch a LOT of tv. I just watched Jarhead on one of the movie channels every night for about 2 weeks.
I can't change the channel for Rocky 3, Fight Club, Shawshank, Fletch, Road House... pretty much anything on basic cable every single weekend.

Giggle Pixie said...

I had to watch A Christmas Story and Elf again this year. It's just not Christmas anymore without them.

Now I'm back in the mood for more movies. More movies dammit! Warm up the car, honey, we're going to Blockbuster!!!!


Falwless said...

THREE WHOLE DAYS SINCE YOU POSTED?!?!!? That's kid's stuff! Try three weeks! ;)

I miss you, monkey. I loved this post. I have a shout-out to you on my blog. Remember that thing? My blog? Yeah, I wrote something there! I know, shocking!

As for movies, I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button today - was really good. Also, may I recommend a couple lesser knowns I've seen in the last week that I really enjoyed - The Visitor and Then She Found Me. Both are out on DVD now.

Scope said...

SouthernBelle & Gwen - You poor unfortunate things. Loosing T-shirt slogans to boobage. You'd think that the extra real estate would allow for more of the slogan to appear.

I think you girls should hold some kind of telethon, where you demonstrate the problem over and over and over. We must find a cure. And as your friend, I would be willing to help.

And maybe lobby those bastards in the international T-Shirt cabal to use smaller fonts. We'd have to get closer, and stare harder to read them, but I think that's a sacrifice I'd be willing to take. For you. I'm a giver like that.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

sounds like you got a great plan!!
Movies I love over and over:

Fried Green Tomatoes
While You Were Sleeping
The Wedding Planner (ya I know, but I loved it)
Gone With the Wind

Sooo many more too! Have a nice quiet vaca!!

Stephanie said...

Hah! I got that same bottle of wine for my birthday this year.

Burn after reading = totally not what I expected. I expected *funny* -- got more *weird*.

Bacon Lady said...

Next Xmas I'm going to ask for your boobs. I mean boobs like yours...attached to me.

This isn't coming out right.

Movies I can watch over and over:

Raising Arizona
Princess Bride
Wild at Heart
The Joy Luck Club
Almost any comic book movie
Any movie about extreme weather of apocalyptic proportions.

BeckEye said...

I've seen Grease about 200 times, easy. And I'm sure to watch it 200 more.

I've watched Elf about 10 times already this week, and now TBS (I think it's TBS) is having a marathon of it all day on New Year's Day. But that will definitely conflict with the Twilight Zone marathon, which I never miss.

SouthernBelle said...

Scope - haahahahahhahahahahaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Supertroopers, big lebowski, tommy boy, zoolander, shawshank redemption. Done!

Moe Wanchuk said...

Love the Shirt!!!...LOVE the shirt.

At some point, I'd like to hear what "Snatch" was about.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Hi Gwennie! All I can see on that t-shirt is "ogle". Very nice.

I can always re-watch:
84 Charing Cross Road
Swing Time
Mary Poppins
Sweet Dreams
Howard's End
Any Harry Potter movie...

Alex Galvez said...

Happy New Years Gwen! May it be as joyous as you want it to be. BTW...great google t-shirt shot!

RW said...

It was nice making your bloggy acquaintance this year Gwen. Sorry I've been light on the comments lately - a disaster here and there you see. Can't be helped.

Hope 09 is better for everybody.

~E said...

So far it's been Twilight. Yeah I know, don't laugh and don't hurt me for that! In my defense I'm reading the books now (in my own agoraphobic alone time) and I like to have visuals.

By the way, did you know they also make Bitch martini mix, and chocolate, and Bitch bubble bath and Bith nail polish? For some reason I got a huge stash of Bitch products a couple years ago for my birthday...maybe they're trying to tell me something.