Everything I Like Causes Cancer

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Sometimes I have a hard time believing I'm a good person.  I know that the good things about me are awesome and the not-so-good things about me aren't great.  Like, I am bossy, loud and irreverent.  I have issues with authority and am scarily aggressive when I lose my temper.  I'm acutely aware of these traits, among others, and really hard on myself for them.

But as the new year rolled around and I grew weary of bemoaning the state of my affairs and mind and love life, I decided to quit whining and make some changes.  You can't keep doing the same thing over and over and over again and expect different results.

First on my list of changes was loving myself.  Yup, that easy: decide it is so, and so it is.  If I fuck up?  Whatever.  It's going to happen, can be fixed, and wasn't intentional.  Make an ass of myself?  Doesn't mean I stopped being a good person.  BTW, I do not consider this license to act like an ass, I'm just trying to learn how to forgive me because guess what?  I ain't perfect and I'm tired of beating myself up for it.

I don't think I'm alone in this, either.  I think everyone knows self-doubt, and those who do are at least acquainted with loathing.  So today I want you to tell me what you love about you; anything, everything, I want to hear you say how much you love you.  I'll get the ball rolling and go first:  I am smart, funny, sexy, capable, loyal, genuine, imaginative, and adventurous.  I love my big, blue eyes and tiny waist and feet.

Wow.  That was harder than I thought it would be.  It took me a while and I was uncomfortable saying nice things about myself knowing people would read them.  Interesting.

Now you.  Tell me what you love about you.  Don't be shy.  I don't want to come back here and read any qualifiers like, "Well, I'm sorta really good in bed."  You're either great in the sack or you ain't.  I want honest, not modest.


hello haha narf said...

you are all of those wonderful things about yourself. it made me happy to read them.

no one is perfect and i suppose one of the things i truly love about me is that i forgive easily...both myself and others.

Son of a Thomas said...

O.K. I'll go first. I am good in emotional situations. I keep my head and I'm able to do what needs to be done.

I'm also really good in a fight. Better on your side that against your side.

Son of a Thomas said...

O.K. I was second. BTW Don't be too hard on yourself. I only know you from a distance but you quality comes shining thru.

Sass said...

Wow, Gwen. For the record, I love those things about you, too.

And me? I love...my...hmm.

I love my...um.

I love my real smile, my body from the waist down, and the fact that I always cheer for the underdog.

That was seriously difficult.

Bella@That damn expat said...

This was a great post. Really.

Me? I like my green eyes, my body that stays the same no matter how much I eat, and I love being at peace with myself.

Stacie said...

it is hard to say nice things about yourself because it feels dirty...

but I like dirty...so here we go...

I AM funny, I can be serious, but also let loose and have fun too. I am loyal.

oh, in case you didn't get your email your letter is S you sassy girl you. ;)

Stacie said...

oh, I like my eyes and lips too, if we are getting all beautified. ;)

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I am a fucking demon in the sack.

Also, I'm excellent at conjugating and using the word "fuck"; I've found a way to get it to perform as every part of speech, including conjunction.

I'm a good writer. The rest of the world just doesn't realize it yet.

I also think I'm sorta sarcastic at times, kinda.

Dr Zibbs said...

I'm great at picking up chicks (when I was single)

I'm really honest. I rarely lie.

I'm creative.

I'm a great multi-tasker.

When I start something that I'm passionate about, nothing can stop me.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

I really like my jawline and mouth. Oh, and I think my eyes are great, too.

I'm a great kisser. So I'm told.

Some Guy said...

I'm good at coming up with solutions to complex problems. I'm also good at making people laugh.

SouthernBelle said...

Aww Gwen! You rock!

I like my eyes. They're sort of hazel but can look like a whole range of color from brown to gold to olive-green to greeny-green, because they have flecks of all kinds of color in them. And my eyelashes are naturally curled.

Personality-wise I like that I am witty and can make people laugh.

Whiskeymarie said...

I like that I'm a "what you see is what you get" sort of gal, that I'm honest, funny and smart. I love that ever since I accepted who I am, totally and unconditionally, that I'm no longer afraid of what anyone thinks of me, and that it freed me and lowered my inhibitions and self-doubts. I'm a better person than I was 10 years ago.

Also: I love my boobs (I dare say they're near-perfect- too bad I have to keep them harnessed up all day), my booty, my face now that it's got a bit of "age" on it, and my dancing skillz.

Oh, and I'm pretty awesome in the sack, or so I've heard.
Thanks. I needed this today.

Anonymous said...

I like my eyes, my butt and my sense of humor. How I wish I could say that I love my piles and piles of money.

I'd love you even if you didn't have big blue eyes and a tiny waist!

WendyB said...

I can eat more Cadbury Dairy Milk than anyone else on earth. Go ahead, challenge me. I will beat your ass in any candy-eating contest.

Giggle Pixie said...

Your post was beautiful!

And it is hard, loving yourself. I am much better at picking out my flaws.

What I love about myself is that I am intelligent. I have beautiful and expressive eyes. I have a bubbly personality.

Now, even having said the above things I love about myself? There are qualifiers which I stated to myself as I typed each one. See? It's hard to really truly LOVE yourself.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Tough one!

I love my sense of humor! I love that I know a little about a lot of things!

- Jennifer

BeckEye said...

Great post.

I love my eyes also. I love my sense of humor the most. I'd be lost without it.

Dr Zibbs said...

I saw Whiskey Marie's list and want to add that I too - am a great dancer. I mean really good.

words words words said...

I loved seeing you make a list like this :) I'll say what I really think even if it makes me sound like a dick.

*I'm really, really smart.
*I'm funny.
*I have great hair.
*I'm resilient. You can't kill me.
*I know how to make your bad place feel good.

Gwen said...

I love you monkeys!! You guys are so super awesome!

I'm proud of us for reveling in our awesomeness even if it wasn't easy to do. I hope you add to your lists and that what you said here plays on a loop in your head until it' no longer uncomfortable.

Keep it coming!

And lurkers? I know you are there. I can see you. I want to hear from you, too! Speak up!

Sassy Britches said...

Here goes:

I am sensitive, intelligent, becoming more creative every day, have fab legs, have hair that looks great without much work and a face that can go with just mascara and be presentable, can make any idea sound logical, am good at making people feel calm, and can always be counted on to give an honest answer.

Renaissance Woman said...

I swear we share the same thoughts and emotions on most days. Have been having the same thoughts...time to stop being so hard on myself.

I love my smile, eyes, feet, sense of humor, sense of adventure, fierce loyalty, honesty.

It's so hard...but thanks for pushing me to say something.

Dr Zibbs said...

Wait. Does Words, Words, Words mean "the butt" when he's talking about the "bad place"?

Seriously. Is he?

H said...

Well in case I haven't told you in the past 24 hours...I think your tops!! You are all the things you said and more. I am soooo lucky that I have you as a friend.

As for me...you know how hard this is for me... I am good listener. I tell a good story (better in person). And when I allow myself to love, I do it with all my heart...for better or worse.


words words words said...

Zibbsy: That's on a case by case basis. By the looks of you - no.

Scope said...

I love how my mind works. Would life be easier without 4 different thoughts going at once? Sure. Would life be more fun? Absolutely NOT.

I love that it comes up with solutions to complex problems, in a way that has technical strength and aesthetic elegance.

I love the way it plays with the language, twisting and pulling and pushing. Puns, plays on words, speaking in song / move quotes.

And I have KILLER legs. You should see me in shorts.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

This is the greatest post/idea and well written Gwen. Great job.

ok, well...
I love that I am loyal and fiercely protective of the people that I love. I am a good friend.

I have a great laugh and I am very easy going.

I have excellent taste.

I have the ability to admit when I am wrong and laugh at my mistakes.

I am a strong survivor. The best part is, through all the shi* I have been through, I learned to love myself first.

Wow-that was so cathartic. I feel like we really bonded.

Alice said...

Lets see, I can still gets guys to ask me out even though I am married, I am sexy, smart, loving and more fun when I am drunk

katrocket said...

Oh Gwen, this is way cool. For the record, I love all of your traits - even the ones that will kick my ass in a street fight.

I'm hilarious, creative, sexy, and smart. I'm an awesomely fun friend, I give really good advice when asked, and I'm a freaking superstar in the bedroom.

Scope said...

I also love that my hair requires 7 passes with a comb in the morning, and then it's done.

1 - Lather. Rinse. DO NOT REPEAT!
2 - Quick towel dry.
3 - 7 passes with comb.
4 - Done.

No blow dryer.
No "product".
No flat irons, curling irons, etc.
No Rogaine, Just For Men, etc.

I also consider myself an excellent judge of a woman's sexual skills. So any of the ladies claiming rock start status, if you would like that independently verified by an impartial third party, you let me know. Okay? And if you cannot make it in person due to suspicious husbands or the parole officer not allowing you to leave the county, I can also judge your performance if captured on video. Just send me the tape or vid-file of you rockin' some guy(s), gal(s), or farm animal(s) world, and I will gladly assess your prowess.

All free of charge to you. Because with a skill like this, honestly, it would be a crime against humanity it I didn't share it with the world.

Fancy Schmancy said...

I already told you how great I think you are, funny about that email exchange before I read this!

As for me:

I used to be really great in the sack, or so I was told.

I have a great sense of humor, tempered by a really dark temper.

I like my lips and my calves.

I'm great at embarrassing not only my self, but also my son!

I love singing and dancing, even though I suck at both of them!

I love you. And if loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right...

Fancy Schmancy said...

Also, if Scope is giving out free samples, please send him my address, k? I may be a little rusty, but it's gotta be like riding a bike, right?

mike said...

I like about myself that I am always joking around but sincere at the same time. That's a tough combo to pull off.

Mermanda said...

My sense of humor and empathy are two of my favorite qualities. Thanks for forcing me into a little self-reflection. ;)

Cora said...

I'm creative!
I'm a good mother. Dammit, I'm a REALLY GOOD MOTHER!!
I'm strong. You can knock me down but I will NOT stay down!!
I'm empathetic!
I'm funny!
I'm healthy!
I love deeply!
I light up the freaking room, or so I've been told more times than I can count (yay!!)
I have a great smile!
I have a tiny waist!
I'm energetic and I bounce off the walls, ceiling and floors - and I love it!
I have a BIG imagination!

And thank you for making me do this. I needed this today. How did you know? :-)