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Sunday Matinee: Champions

Posted by Gwen |

When I did the last Pen Pal Project I posted a picture of the stamp I used on all that NC-17 goodness, the Legends of Hollywood Bette Davis stamp, and promised a prize to the first person to identify what had been photochopped out of the picture.  Chemgeek was the first to accurately describe what was missing, in his words "not just a cigarette, but the long black thing that one can use to smoke a cigarette", but the first person to accurately identify the item, by name, was Soda and Candy.  In my mind, they're both winners and deserve a wicked awesome Gwenprize.

I have a fantasmagoric idea for the prizes so email your snail mail addys to me at guenosdias847 at gmail dot com and as soon as I make the dream a reality, you'll get your prizes.  All I ask is that you be patient; awesomeness is always worth the wait.

In the meantime, please enjoy this Queen classic, celebrating champions in tiny, white shorts since 1977:

It is my sincere hope that Chemgeek and Soda and Candy crank this one up, strip to their unders and do a victory dance today.


Dr Zibbs said...

Look at Freddiy drinking a Heineken on stage.

Soda and Candy said...

I'm dancing as we speak in my leopard-print flannel PJs!

Will email you ASAP!!!!

*so excited!*

Soda and Candy said...



Noooooo time for loooosers cos I am the champion

of blog competitions inconjunctionwithChemgeekwhoisalsoachampion

Gwen said...

Standing ovation, Sodagirl!

SkylersDad said...

Get ready winners, because Gwen's gift are nothing short of Awesomeicity! That is if they arrive alive, she didn't poke any airholes in the last one...

Anonymous said...

I bet live, accordian-playing monkeys would be a sweet gift. You should totally send out live accordian-playing monkeys!

Renaissance Woman said...

I'm excited to read about the prize! Your the best at awarding great items!

Chemgeek said...

OMG!!!! I won something using the words "long black thing."

I am soooooooo cool.

my victory dance was sweet.

Gwen, you have the greatest blog in the world.

Anonymous said...

Oh holy hand grenades!

I am appalled and fascinated by Freddie - in such a queasy mixy way.

That wannabe mane of back hair as he sports the near-skivvies and bare feet. Wow.

You are a champeen queen.

~E said...

Im so lost... Next time remind me not to leave blogging for lent.

anyway, just wanted to say I would lick the sweat of Freddy Mercury just for writing this song.

or you know...something less disgusting.

Cora said...

Definitely some snazzy shorts.

Congrats to Chemgeek and Soda&Candy!

Cora said...

Definitely some snazzy shorts.

Congrats to Chemgeek and Soda&Candy!

Cora said...

Whoops! Clearly I felt the mysterious need to say it twice.

I'll try to control myself this time around. But no promises.

hello haha narf said...

as much as i love this song, i will be haunted the rest of the day by freddy's mustache. you happy now?