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Sunday Matinee: Jim Stafford

Posted by Gwen |

This one's for Beckeye, whose Forgotten Classic Video of the Week series regularly sparks memories of my younger days, proving that we did, in fact, live the same childhood.  She recently commented on the new tagline in my header and said, "I am dying laughing at your Spiders and Snakes tagline. JIM STAFFORD! I remember having that 45 when I was little and I loved that stupid song."

Well here ya go, babe:

The B-side of your 45, Beckeye, was My Girl Bill.  The only thing better than the collar on his shirt are the lyrics.

In preparation for Mother's Day, here's Jim singing a feel-good funny little song called That's What Little Kids Do on a Smother's Brother's Mother's Day show.  Say that five times fast.

Thanks, girl, for prompting me to (re)discover Jim Stafford.  I had no idea he was so entertaining.  If it weren't for swine flu I'd totally make out with you.


SkylersDad said...

oh yeah, Stafford and the Smothers Brothers. I watched that show all the time!

Dr Zibbs said...

I used to like that song.

And I love how your tweets are called twats!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me that I was around when all those songs were popular. Yeah, thanks A LOT!!

Girl Interrupted said...

Lordy! You could land aircraft on those collars!

BeckEye said...

MY GIRL BILL!!! Oh my God, YES! I completely forgot about that. You rule.

And yay, a post dedicated to me. I'm tingling in my special place.

mike said...

Holy Shit thank you for reminding me that Mother's Day is soon! It's like this summer or something, right?

Cowguy said...

Well... let me say that most likely I'm the only person posting here that saw Stafford live... and I don't remember much about it. I was an early teen at the MO state fair and I saw him perform. That's all I got.

The Smothers Brothers ruled!

Scope said...

Gwen, you are my personal Wildwood Flower.

words...words...words... said...

I've never heard of this guy or those songs. And I say that to people all the time about things like this. I'm starting to doubt we're all roughly the same age.

Cash Register Jockey said...

Jim Stafford is a regular now down in Branson. I only know this because my store advertised trips to Branson for $199 that included several shows. So if you ever get the time or desire to see him live, hey, at least it's not a long drive for ya.

Nej said...

I've had a link to his song "Cow Patty" since I've had my blog. He cracks me up...his delivery is great! :-)