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You know that feeling you get after a major exam like the GRE or the MCAT or a pap smear? The one where you feel like you performed terribly but when you review it in your mind it's only logical that you did well? That's how I feel about last night's big date. There weren't any awkward silences, there was a lot of laughing, I was my charming self without exceeding my baseline level of spazz, it appeared he was having a good time, and yet . . . no moves were made. None. I even kept my hand available for holding during the movie and took a mint when we left the theater!

I suppose now we just wait to see what happens. In the meantime, let's focus on the douchebag who has handicapped plates AND a lift kit:


O.G. said...

That's acceptable on the first date, he's either nervous, or he's smooth and wants to keep you wanting more. Date #2 - no contact means he either has no balls or he's gay (or both)...not so good either way.

SkylersDad said...

Greetings. I got here from a Facebook friend I follow who recommended I check out your blog.

Since I don't really know you I will assume this guy is an idiot for not trying to play tonsil hockey with you, or at least try and hold your gland you kept available for him.

Oh wait, you said hand, not gland.

Please ignore this advice my new friend... ;^)

Eva Gallant said...

It was nearly 3 months between first date and first kiss for me. Hubby had been married twice before and was taking things REALLY slow! We've been married for 26 years now!

Elliott said...

Glad it was a good date, if not smokin' hot and lascivious.

As for the truck, I see nothing wrong with that. You've just pointed out half the pickups here in Florida.

words...words...words... said...

It sounds like you both had a good time though! Don't sweat it. Some guys *cough* aren't real good at making the first move and need a date or two. With these guys *cough* it has nothing do to with how cool you are.

Cora said...

What Words said. Absostinkinlutely.

Son of a Thomas said...

Sorry there were no fireworks.(Maniacle laughter) Have you told him he gives you the vapors. Works on me every time.

Oh, and maybe the guy's handicap is he is too tall.

Anonymous said...

hey, he didn't assault you, so that is a good start. Also, you know, he didn't get up and run out of the building. Finally, everything happens the way it is supposed to happen.


J.J. in L.A. said...

I "attacked" my man on our 1st date. He's an 'observer' and if I'd waited for him to make the 1st move, I'd still be waiting.

-R- said...

I say give him another date or two to make a move. He may just be cautious about scaring you off in case you are a go slow kind of lady or something.

I hate trucks on lifts anyway, but it seems especially douchey with the handicapped sign. Unless there's some kind of disability that requires extra-high vehicles I just don't know about yet.

Scope said...

So, you're now discriminating against people with physical challenges? Why aren't they allowed to have bad taste in vehicles like more able bodied people?

And on date 2, when you see him, walk right up to him, put your fingers in his hair, pull his face to yours, and give him a hot, lingering kiss (right leg hitched around his optional). Break the kiss, get all bouncy, and say, "Now that we have THAT out of the way, let's go have dinner."

Gwen = Upper hand.

Renaissance Woman said...

Good point about the lift kit! Now really no moves at all. You gave all of the signs...available hands, fresh breathe! The second date will bring some action.

Kurt said...

I performed terribly on my last PAP smear. I got a B+, but that's mostly because I didn't stick the landing.

This nonsensical comment has been brought to you by: Caffeine©

Juz said...

Ahoy from Cape Town,
Hey - sounds like it was a good one. Keep us posted.
Love this blog.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Ummm Hmmmm....interesting development.

Keep us posted please.