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Two weeks.

It's been two weeks since you looked at me, cocked your head to the side and said I'm angry.

Wait, wait, wait . . . that's not what I'm trying to say. Those aren't even the right lyrics to the song. I got distracted again.

My point was this: I have yet again abandoned this site for real living. Not reporting on living but actually doing it. A lot of it. So much living, in fact, that I'm reduced to summing it up in pictures and bullets . . .
  • I saw the play Outlying Islands with our Culture Club (a.k.a. my bestie Leslie). It was okay. Heavy on metaphor with an odd ending we've not been able to understand since viewing it. That said, I'm glad we were adventurous and saw something that doesn't often make the St. Louis theater circuit, like say A Doll's House or The Importance of Being Ernest.

  • I toured the first Frank Lloyd Wright house built in Missouri with ttmac and The Carpenter. My favorite period in American history and my favorite style of architecture is Arts and Crafts. I love the aesthetic, I love the philosophy and, as such, I love Frank Lloyd Wright. Yes, he was difficult. Yes, he was foolish with money and women. But damn that man knew how to design amazingly beautiful structures. The house we saw is a Usonian built for a local man and his wife. There are only TWO right angles in the entire house! Wright designed the house using only equilateral parallelograms and hexagons, EVEN IN THE DRAWERS:
And the furniture:

The guest bed.

The dining/living area.

All of the 60/120 degree angles throughout the house give it a sense of motion, almost like you're on a ship:

All of the interior lines continue to the exterior, AND THEY ALL LINE UP.

I could go on for days about this house. This topic probably should have been its own post but who knows when I'll be back here. Just one more picture, because I was mesmerized by this roof line:

Do you see how far that sharp, sharp roof line juts out, creating the sense of motion?
Take a closer look: THERE ARE NO EXTERNAL SUPPORTS! None. It's all done with framing. FLW tickles my brain.
  • I visited my High School Bestie and her two boys, went to my first estate auction, and had coffee with cows:
  • I was awed by sunsets like this:
  • I made sure to look up when I took walks:
NO Ball Playing IN THIS . . . tree?
  • I played with my food:
You gonna eat that pickle?
  • I built a Kat Phort and filled it with catnip:
  • I had a night out on the town with the girls that, for a couple days, made me regret nights out on the town with the girls:
  • I witnessed a turtle orgy:

  • Brown chicken, brown turtle.
    • And I gardened. Oh boy, have I done some gardening. Since we last discussed the garden I've re-vamped almost every inch of it. I installed new solar lights along the walk, I thinned and transplanted hostas to create the border of the new bed, I moved almost every plant that already existed, I gave away a bunch of plants and added some new (more interesting) plants, I rearranged the patio furniture, I tended the seedlings . . .

      This is what success looks like.
      . . . I started potting the containers . . .
    Oooooh! Pretty!
    This is what "welcome to my home" looks like.

    . . . and I added some new architectural features like this one:

    Now I just need to find some whimsical fairy statues to sprinkle around the beds. More shopping! Yay!

    And finally . . . it's been about a month since I published the "Early Spring" photo overview of the garden so let's do our first comparison:

    April 6, 2010

    May 1, 2010
    This is what progress looks like.

    One more week and the whole place is going to EXPLODE in blooms. You should come over. We'll make a fire in the fire pit and talk about how awesome I am at creating beautiful spaces. Fine. We can talk about you, too. Sheesh.


    Scope said...

    Your back yard looks awesome. And you were right, no one can tell where you burried that hobo.

    Hunter said...

    Loved the pictures and bullets. Slightly ashamed at getting the BNL reference. :(

    Eva Gallant said...

    Great photos, but from the way you play with your food, it looks like you've had enough girl time...time for some guy time! lol

    Blair said...

    gosh you take your camera everywhere! I too love Frank LLoyd Wright. He was an innovator, and his lines were so daring and chic. Great food play also!! Lastly, as a blogger, I loved that you said you abandoned your site for some real living because I totally get that feeling. Trying to get the most out of life and yet still be an active blogger. Great blog, glad to be a new follower.

    Whiskeymarie said...

    (bullet!) FLW gives me goosebumps. You should come visit me soon so we can take a road trip through WI and look at more cool houses/buildings we will never, ever live in.

    (bullet!) Max and Skylar sent me an e-vite to join their club, so will you do me a solid and let them know I gladly accept? What? You weren't invited? Ha ha.

    (bullet!) I can't WAIT to do somersaults in your awesome new yard. I promise I won't pee on your perennials like I did last time.

    (bullet!) Plan a girl's night out when I'm visiting you so we can regret it together.

    (bullet!) I like saying peonies "pee-knees".

    SkylersDad said...

    I toured a FLW exhibit a couple of years ago when it was in Seattle. It was amazing! I loved the house with the stream that ran through it, but I would always need to pee. Your yard is looking wonderful also, but hey Scope, the Hobo burial ground is kind of obvious. It's under the concrete! It's always under the concrete, just watch any good mafia movie...

    ttmac said...

    I remember that pickle and those mushroom balls. What a great Valentine's Day! Since your passing messages along, do me a solid and tell Whiskeymarie that even though I don't know her I will be joining her in Wisconsin for the FLW tour. She'll know me soon enough, I'm a lot like Gwen but I drive faster, use more commas, and keep my dead bodies in the crawl space under the basement.

    Dr Zibbs said...

    Your yard looks great!

    words...words...words... said...

    Your yard looks amazing!

    That is an interesting house. It looks like you toured the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. And look at you, you're the king of the world!

    Stacie's Madness said...

    the yard looks great!!
    I am hoping to plant my containers this weekend...part of my Mother's Day extravaganza...

    Soda and Candy said...

    Your backyard is fucking beautiful. Sorry for cursing, but it just is that good!
    ; )

    Cora said...

    That sunset is SPECTACULAR! You could probably sell that picture! Wow!

    As for living life rather than blogging about it, I've got a similar situation: I'm packing up my life with the intent to move it, which leaves little time for blogging about it. Glad to know I'm in good company. Makes me feel less like a blog-ditcher. :-)

    otherworldlyone said...

    Loved the pictures. And Wow! Check out the progress. It looks fantastic.

    Discount Furniture Santa Monica said...

    What goes around comes around.. It is so good to see that the tree embraces it's long lost limb: wooden sign. Reunions always make me tear up.