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Soon after I started my life anew and moved into this house, I "joined" e-Harmony. It was a time in my life when I was doing some serious navel-gazing and I wanted to know what the free personality profile had to say about me. That's how they getcha.

I didn't opt to purchase the service which meant that I could see the profiles of the people interested in me but I couldn't respond to any of their questions until I paid the fee. I will admit that I religiously checked my account. It was a Pandora's box. Doesn't everyone want to know what kind of people like them?

Anyway, one day I was contacted by someone whose profile was interesting enough that I considered paying the fee. Except that I really had just started my life completely over and my new dogma just simply had to be about short-term sacrifices if I were to have any hope of long-term gains.

Buuut . . . I am not one to let something as inconsequential as The Rules get in my way. I tried to beat the man. In one of the sections where the response is typed into a box, I spelled out my email address . . . you know like: guenosdias at prodigy dot net. I figured that way their big fancy computer technologies wouldn't recognize it.

I was wrong. And probably a little naive. I can barely write this without giggling.

Well, shortly after so-smartly amending my profile, Cousin T and I drove up to Chicago to visit our friend Holly who had just had her first baby. While we were having coffee Saturday morning I hopped on the Internet to check my email. One of which was from e-Harmony. The email informed me that my membership had been released because of the cheating.

There are few women who are as funny as the three women I was with that weekend. I could not have been in better company to break the news. My face still hurts thinking about how hard we laughed at me.


lotus07 said...

I bet the IRS will be contacting you soon as well. eHarmony is actually run by the federal government to keep tabs on us all (as is ebay and google)....be afraid, be very afraid....ooowwwwwww

amy & jeff said...

That's AWESOME! Screw you eHarmony! Clearly your cleverness was too much for them to handle. And those people on the commercial make me want to vomit.

RomanceWriter said...

LOL. Great story.