Everything I Like Causes Cancer

Where we've been convinced to write a new post on Dec. 2. Stay tuned!

All the bullets this week are for Jamie:

  • Honey, you are naive. And I would know. (Read yesterday's post below.)

  • I could not believe you went through James' things. If you had read this blog you would know that messing with other people's things is a huge no-no. Unacceptable. Not tolerated.

  • I kept hoping you would get caught but you didn't.

  • Todd said that you were "on the small bike all the way in the back." I peed a little.

  • I noisily rejoiced when, at tribal council, you smugly presented to Jeff what you thought was the immunity idol and he threw it in the fire.

  • Your actual come-uppance was much sweeter because we had to wait for it.

  • I run the risk of being called soft when I tell you this, but I felt your awkward humiliation through my television set. It was painful. I felt sorry for you.

  • Please be a good jury member.

And the updated list. I didn't merge the names on the list - I want to be able to to go back and see who was originally which team.


lotus07 said...

Damn, I missed this last night. The wife and I were celebrating my promotion at work, so I forgot that it was on.....I would have loved to have seen Jeff throw the fake idol in the fire, that must have been sweet.

Gwen said...

@lotus07: Congratulations on the promotion!

It was, indeed, sweet. Jeff can be such an ass to the contestants he doesn't like and his condescension was palpable.

RomanceWriter said...

I'm rooting for James. He is one of the few contestants I can stand on there.

Lori W said...

Now the fun really begins. The merge has arrived. Now we find out what people are willing to do to win. Go James!