Everything I Like Causes Cancer

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Fundraiser Trivia Night for Dillon C.
The Fraternal Order of the Eagles, Arnold, MO.

The hall was packed to the rafters for Dillon. The turn-out was a true testament to the folks in Arnold. It was obvious that a community had banded together there. I can't wait to find out how much was raised. Dillon's heart failed when he was born and as a result he now has cerebral palsy. One of his medical treatments is extremely expensive and is not covered by any type of insurance. I hope we raised a whole bunch of monies for the C's.

We won the prize for best decorated table!! And by we I mean Lil BRR and her friend B (both pictured above) because they did all the work. Our Fiesta! theme was a huge hit and I have to admit that it was pretty thrilling when they announced we had won. The prize was a huge basket donated by Pepsi. It was packed full of Rams hats and t-shirts, candy and soda. As you can see above, it was really heavy. I helped by taking the picture.

Here's LM with the boy who kept sending her nooooooooooootes last night. They are demonstrating "twenty, nose to toes" which we learned last night means $20 will get you a strip of raffle tickets as long as the distance between your nose and your toes. It was a great deal for Nooooooooote Boy, but not so good for me. I'm short.

When trivia was over we headed up to The Dubliner to see The Darrell's. I was practically laying on the bar floor when I took the shot above. You have to sacrifice for art.

My Loot

And tonight, Episode Two of "Drinkin' For The Kids" weekend, is Cheesefest. LM and I drove past the venue last night and it looks pretty swanky. Guess I better go bust out the good jeans and sweater.

Don't forget, the big contest starts tomorrow!