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Beijing has two Is.*

Posted by Gwen |

First off, a big huge "Awwwwww . . . . " goes out to Dr. Zibbs who posted this comment at about six o'clock last night:

Gwen, It's not like you to wait so long to post. I hope God didn't get mad and give you cancer because you make fun of it in your blog title. By the way, I'm waiting for the Lord to reward me with a Yak. Or at least something blue....Wait?....is cancer blue?
Dr. Zibbs, I am moved that you care enough to check on me. I bet you got an "A" in bedside manner during doctor school. To answer your question: no, I did not get cancer. Nor does cancer come in blue. But it can make you blue so be careful.

Yeah, sorry about not posting and all but it has been a very busy and trying time for me. Well, it's either that or I pulled an all-nighter Saturday night and needed a break.

Heathybear hosted dinner club, which was lovely and delicious but eventually turned into playing Wii, which was fun but eventually turned into watching the Olympics, which was entertaining as all hell until it turned into sunrise. It wasn't until one of us wandered into the kitchen to make "one more" drink that we realized the sun was coming up.

To give you an idea of how ridiculous things got, I am "impersonating sherbet" in this picture. This was taken after Wii and during the Olympics. I think. Apparently sherbet is shy. Who knew?

As soon as we saw that the sun was coming up, though, it became a race for sleeping space, as if knowing the time suddenly made the situation dire. Anyway, four and a half short hours later I was on my own couch eating McDonald's. You might think at that point that I went go back to bed. I probably should have but I had made plans to meet Peabody and Zana at the pool so I went. I spent a couple hours over there and then grilled a flank steak for dinner.

So yeah, I took yesterday off from the old blog. I was asleep Sunday night by 9:30 and I did wake up refreshed yesterday morning but I was so very done when I finally sat down to dinner last night at 8:30 that I had to stop. Something had to give and sadly, it was you, monkeys. Sadly, it was you.

*The title of this post is the devil spawn of Falwless Jones and Dr. Zibbs. Last week sometime she yelled at him in his comments because he misspelled Beijing. Her chastisement of him stuck in my head and came back out my mouth loudly and repeatedly Saturday night/Sunday moring. My friends really appreciate her for that one.


McGone said...

"Impersonating Sherbet" should be the title of your memoir.

I was worried about you too, by the way, but I just lit a candle.

Dr Zibbs said...

Gwen, glad to see you're back. And I think the imitation of sherbert is a little subconcious way of playing Words, Voice, Motions don't you? As for the spelling of Beiijing. I have to admit that all of the dots on the i's and the j's did throw me off but I do use spell checker. The misspelled version is in the tag section which is not covered by my spell checker. Also, I often will intetntionally spell a word incorretly in case someone is searching for a something and doesn't know how to spel it. I'm brilliant like that.

Whiskeymarie said...

I love that blogger comments are finding their way into your brain and appearing in your daily activities.
This fact makes me happy that we dorks have all found each other and that our evil plan to take over the universe is working.

-R- said...

You do look like sherbert in that picture! Or maybe a slice of watermelon.

Falwless said...


I am laughing because a) that dumb comment of mine was stuck in your head b) dumb comments of others always get stuck in my head c) I love you and d) Dr Z is such a do-do bird.

Overall, excellent post. If this post was the high beam I'd give you a 15.250 (sorry, you lost .155 for the wobble on the dismount).

amy & jeff said...

Sherbert is delicious if you plop it in a glass with sprite and vodka.

That is all.

Jeff of Amy & Jeff fame said...

First of all, I like it how my wifes title is Amy & Jeff. That is some good stuff..........

Second of all, I have to commend you for posting so often that if you miss a day or 2 people are concerned!!
I have been so busy in the last two weeks, I have not even read anyone's blog, much less a post to my own.

So I am spending a quiet lunch break (rare lately) catching up on ETILCC!

Yay, and the guy in the mug shot was a victim of a drive by mustache waxing!
And the girl in the window story made my cry, how freaking sad.

Mo said...

Wait...so I should cancel the continuing vigil in your honor? Damn--a couple people went all out and brought damn tasty cupcakes to last night's sit in, so I was kinda looking forward to round two. Ah well. Glad to have you back.

H said...

"It wasn't until one of us wandered into the kitchen to make "one more" drink that we realized the sun was coming up."

Actually I think it wasn't until one of us wandered into the kitchen to make "one more" drink, realized we had drank a whole handle of whiskey and looked up to shake our fists and curse the gods in heaven for no more alcohol that we realized that the sun was coming up.

ps. love the pic of me. ;-)

Renaissance Woman said...

Sherbert never looked so good. You have the best parties...love the idea of an all nighter which includes, drinking, Wii, drinking, tv...and McDonalds!

Liz said...

Ok. Excellence achieved.
"Impersonating sherbet" is fantastic.

If I'm drunk enough to do things like act like a frozen treat, I look like SHIT. And the camera never avoids my face. It gets close-ups and shows my white tongue, red eyes, pale skin, and late night greasy hair.

I have mixed emotions- I love the photo and at the same time am filled with disgust at how 'cute' it is! *sigh* My sherberts is apparently lime or some other tart flavor.

pistols at dawn said...

I assumed you were in a gutter somewhere, so I looked around in the one I was in instead of worrying.

words words words said...

Dinner club! Why didn't I think of that? I need to join a dinner club.

Also, you know how to spell "sherbet".

Moe Wanchuk said...

you'd look even better in my orangesicle chuck taylor high tops

Dr Zibbs said...

Hi everyone. It's me - Dr Zibbs. OK Go away now.
Gwen, now that they're gone, I just wanted to check in to see if you're OK..McGONE GET OUT OF HERE..
OK now that we're alone. I was just checking in. As a doctor, to make sure everything is OK I'll need you to lift your shirt so I can..HOLY SHIT SOMETHING JUST HAPPENED IN THE OLYMPICS. GOTTA GO!!!

Gwen said...

McGone: Are you sure that wasn't a fart candle? You had a lot of beer this weekend.

Dr. Zibbs: I get it now. That's a really nice think you do for people who can't spell.

Whiskeymarie: If being a dork is wrong, I don't want to be right.

-R-: Watermelon! That's it!


Amy: Interesting twist. Must try.

Jeff: I've been laughing that she shows up as "Amy &amp." So much so that I've considered calling you "amp." You cool with that?

Mo: Cupcakes?! Why didn't you say something earlier? I'd have gone back into hiding if it meant cupcakes. I call dibbs on the yellow ones with chocolate frosting. MINE!

H: Your description is much more accurate! We drank a lot.

Ren: We are certainly a bunch of kooks who don't know when to say when.

Liz: Girl! You so funny! I only look good because you can't see my drunk face.

Pistols: You were gone when I got up. Did we do anything?

WWW: I am actually just a designated hitter in our dinner club, but I love it when someone can't make it.

Moe: Those would have made it PERFECT!

Dr. Zibbs: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!!! You fucking crack my shit up. I bow to your level of idiocy.

hello haha narf said...

oh my fuck, i love you impersonating sherbet! awesome! my drunk photos really don't look so adorable. i am usually sticking my tiny tongue out, trying to get everyone else to do the same. so not attractive.

i pulled an all nighter friday and couldn't even look at a computer on saturday. somehow i just knew the monitor glow would make me throw the hell up. blech.