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Yes! Other things have been happening in my world besides the garage repairs. I apologize for being slightly one-dimensional this week. I promise to make it up to you.

Let's see here . . . Monday night Heathybear's parents took us dinner to celebrate her birthday. I bet you're asking yourself, "Self, how could Gwen possibly make it to dinner after the arduous day she spent live blogging her garage repairs?" Because I'm amazing, that's how. Now never question me again.

H had just taken a ten-day trip to Colorado and while she was away her parents collected cards and pictures and letters from all of her friends and family and wrapped them up in a really fun box. I didn't know they were presenting it to her at dinner but I'm so glad I was there.
She cried. It was awesome. She came back to the house after dinner and we went through the whole box. There's a pile of glitter in front of the loveseat to prove it.

Tuesday night I was obligated to update you with regard to the garage roof and then I watched Big Brother.

And tonight? Well, tonight I saw Mama Mia. I knew Leslie would want to see it so I volunteered to go with her after we saw The Dark Knight a while back. I suspected I would be entertained but I had no idea I'd love it. Really. I loved it. I genuinely laughed out loud A LOT and was tapping my foot and humming the entire time. I don't care what Pistols says, it is a fun little romp of a movie.

First off, I never cease to be amazed by Meryl Streep's range. One minute her name is Sophie and she's got a big choice to make and the next she's a formerly slutty cool mom who owns a seaside hotel in Greece.

And then there was poor Pierce Brosnan. Not much of a singer, that one, but he gets an A for effort. Plus he's hot. I might be looking the other way simply because he's over there with his shirt off again.

There was one character, an old friend of Meryl's, who reminded Heathybear and I of Peabody which made it even funnier. Her mannerisms and the things she said were so Peabody that we were screaming. (Pssst! . . . Peabody! . . . I'll go see it again if you want to go.)

So now you're up to date. Satisfied that I won't be posting about the garage again?

Oh! I almost forgot! Remember earlier when I told you that I'd make it up to you? Well, I'm
a woman of my word. Earlier today a friend emailed me a bunch of pictures of some zany and/or effed up people that are allegedly mug shots. I know how much you guys like to play games and out-funny each other so I've turned it into a game. It's no WVM, but I think you'll enjoy it. Every once in a while (don't hold me to this as I am allergic to commitment) I will post one of these mug shots and leave it to you guys to discuss what happened. Here's your first victim. Go to it. Make me laugh, monkeys, make me laugh.


Dr Zibbs said...

"I've just recalled the funniest quip I heard a fortnight ago on Masterpiece Theater."

Dr Zibbs said...

"My spincter feels tingly"

Mo said...

I was going to say something unbelievably witty about that Salvador Dali acid freak convict...and then I got distracted by Pierce Brosnan.
Ah well. Next time.

Renaissance Woman said...

Can't wait to see Mama Mia on the big scream!!!!

Falwless said...

I already know what this guy got nabbed for. It's called Criminal Possession of Queer Facial Hair.

Gwen said...

I'm not laughing very hard over here, monkeys. I was expecting great things. Let me give you an example:

Charge: murder. It was innocent enough when he was impersonating a zany magician, but then actually cut the woman in half on accident.

mike said...

That mugshot is obviously Kid Rock. He was arrested for stealing Rollie Fingers' mustache wax.

Annon. said...

Hey Gwen,

its Ryan. Love that we r bloggin buddies. Hope to see you soon! Peace.

Annon. said...


Charge: Meth Distribution and possession. " 39 yr. old Caucasian Man picked up for possession and distribution of meth at elementary school picnic. Apparently, he also was using b/c in between the "rock o' planes" and attempting to win a life size teddy bear, he also decided to pass himself off as a carnie and take pics of young kids, which happens to be the third charge for "attempting to impersonate a carnie."