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The walls are closing in on me!

Posted by Gwen |

This is not today's regularly scheduled post. There's some breaking news that I simply must share because it's so weird.

Last Sunday I got an email from someone named elle michelle unedited. The subject line read, "Blog Day 2008." I suspected it was spam but took a chance and opened it. It was an email from a sweet sweetie, this elle michelle, who featured EILCC (this blog, duh) on her site for Blog Day. She said very nice things about me and made me blush. Very nice, yes?

Well, yesterday I received a comment on Monday's post from one "redstaplernation" which read, "Well, I have nothing to compare the design to since I've never been here before, but my curiosity was piqued since you got a link from Elle Michelle on Blog Day. I could not believe there is, in fact, another blogger in St. Louis! There needs to be a bloggy community here, because my commute to Chicago is getting expensive."

Since she was keen on meeting other STL bloggers, and my some of my IRL friends are STL bloggers, I commented on her most recent post and said hi.

This morning my inbox contained an email from her. Know what? She lives in my damn neighborhood. Like, within a mile. And she can spell and punctuate and uses words like "piqued." Color me piqued, indeed. If I find out she lives on my street I'll poop in it.

::strolling off humming "It's A Small World After All . . . "::


Dr Zibbs said...

I bet you'll become great friends. Then in a few months, she'll realize that it was her husband that left you that anonymous note on your windshield. Pushing will turn to shoving. A blouse - will be torn open....

Gwen said...

That's some funny stuff, Zibby! You really pay attention, don't you?


(Also, pick me as your VEEP.)

Anonymous said...

Well, that would work if I had (or had ever had) an effing husband. Heh.
The girl's got baggage, but it's not THAT heavy yet.

Sorry to foil the blouse-tearing plans :o)

Falwless said...

Yes! I was featured on this Blog Day 2008 by elle michelle as well! I'm pretty sure elle michelle should run for president of Blogger, the way she brings the peoples together.

LM said...

Are you seriously surprised by this? St. Louis is the smallest world of all. I can't even leave town to get away from it, because I still run into STL people. I purposely went to college far, far away, and my FIRST DAY on campus I ran into 2 people from the neighborhood I grew up in. I'm sure there are bloggers all over the place here - STL is no different from Chicago, just smaller. Well, that and STL sucks in comparison.

Gwen said...


No, I'm not surprised that there are other bloggers in STL. I am surprised, however, that she lives a mile away and that it took a chance encounter with blogger in NYC to bring us together.

Also, I love STL. Yes, other cities are bigger and have more to offer, but I prefer to appreciate what I have rather than pine for what I don't.

-R- said...

Pretty soon you will be stopped on the street whereever you go!

hello haha narf said...

oh how i hope she lives on your street coz you poopin in it would just be too funny for words. and therefore photos would have to be taken.


Mo said...

Wait...so there isn't going to be any blouse tearing?

Moe Wanchuk said...

if I lived in ur neighborhood, I'd be in ur pool all the time.
I'd eat your food
I'd drink ur wine
I'd pass out face down on ur porch and u and ur buddies could fondle me without me knowin
But would mow ur lawn and take care of ur house when ur gone....and provide beer and smile

Gwen said...

Moe: Sounds like a perfectly symbiotic relationship. When can you get here?

Eric said...


Forgive me if my STL geography is a tad off, but as I understand it, isn't your neighborhood the only place to really LIVE in STL? Everyplace else, folks is just EXISTING. But your 'hood is for LIVING.

And you'll totally recognize her from that one time at Schnucks...

Dr Zibbs said...


elle michelle said...

Wow, I'm such a community organizer. Little known fact: I lived in the STL for a few years. Central West End, since I wasn't cool enough for Wash Ave.

And thanks for not flagging my totally random email as spam!

Stacie said...

how wonderfully convenient! New friends are AWESOME!