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Fifteen years ago today, December 31, 1994, I moved to St. Louis with my college boyfriend.  I had never lived in a metropolitan area before; the biggest town I had ever lived in had a population of 20,000.  This was a huge, emotional, pivotal move for me.

Five years ago today, December 31, 2004, I moved into this house, my very first property.  Also huge, emotional, and pivotal.

Isn't that weird?  That two such red-letter days in my life both involved relocation and happened on the exact day just years apart?  Eh.  Maybe it just means I get restless about the same time every year.

Today is also day seven of my 11-day vacation.  I had hit an excellent stride with the lounging and movie watching and general sloth on Sunday but late Monday I had to get off the couch and clean myself up for The Pale Divine Reunion Show, a major event for the local music scene.  Pale Divine was a local band in the 80's who maybe should have made it big but eventually broke up.  The guitarist, Richard Fortus, went on to play with the Psychedelic Furs and currently plays with Guns-N-Roses.
Having only lived here 15 years, I never saw Pale Divine live but over the years have become a close friend of the lead singer, Michael Schaerer.  At one point he was supplementing his music income as a real estate agent and helped a boyfriend of mine buy his first house.  The show was an incredible experience for me - especially since I knew how excited Michael was to be back on stage like that and the house sold out.

And then yesterday, slightly hung over from too much fun Monday night, I had a bloody mary at lunch with the gals.  Peabody and I spent the latter half of the afternoon walking at the Zoo.  The temperate day - 62 gorgeous, sunny degrees - was perfect for seeing all the animals.  Except for the giraffes, to Peabody's dismay.

When this guy opened his eyes we saw evil and ran away.

This guy popped up out of the water unexpectedly, RIGHT THERE, less than 20 feet away.
I got so excited I stuttered.

Just so you know, we renamed hippos "aquatic running pigs" because that's what they are.  It was a good day that I topped off with an expensive steak at home with broccoli and carrots and a baked potato.  So far, necessary detoxing aside, this has been a stellar week.  And I still have four days.

Happy New Year to you, monkeys!
May you be buzzed and have another tongue in your mouth at midnight.


Dr Zibbs said...

I haven't been to a zoo in three years. Did you chuck anything at them?

Have a great New Year's Gwen!!!!!

Scope said...

Sadly, the only tongue in my mouth will be my own. Not that I'm not thankful to have my own tongue in my mouth, mind you. It's better than be tongueless and all. Fer McGone's Sake! You know what I mean.

Sassy Britches said...

Yes please on the tongue and buzz! What a fabulous and relaxing vacation you've been having! Keep up the good sloth!

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

I love the St. Louis area!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Glad your vaca is fun! Enjoy the rest and Happy New Year!

SouthernBelle said...

Happy New Year!

I love going to zoos or aquariums, I'm probably going to go to the zoo when I go back to Australia!

Sass said...

I love going to the zoo. Especially on a beautiful day like yesterday!

I'll have no buzz, and probably no tongue (other than my own) at midnight. :(

Overtime calls him out...yet again.

Whiskeymarie said...

Are you telling me to eat bees?

I'm confused.

Oh well, have a great night, toots. Maybe you could make this another pivotal Dec. 31 by losing your virginity tonight.
I say it's about damn time.

Del-V said...

I like the rhino photo. They are some funky looking animals.

Enjoy the rest of your time off and happy new year.

mike said...

Happy New Year, Gwen! I like that you noticed the two major events happened on the same day... a lot of people would not have given it a second thought. You rock, as usual.

Mermanda said...

Happy New Year, Gwen!

Anonymous said...

We were at the zoo also... great day for it.


Grant Miller said...

Tigers fucking kick ass.