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The slipperiness of time

Posted by Gwen |

The show last night was great.  Ms. Jones is an incredible performer and The Dap Kings can't be beat.  (Get it?)

LM and I staked out some prime real estate in the back and I watched most of the show kneeling on a stool.  We had just gotten established when up walks a guy I dated briefly this spring.  With conflicting schedules we just kind of lost touch and the last contact I had from him was a text message (and we all know how much I love those from suitors) telling me he was working in Kentucky and would call me when he got back to town.  When I saw him last night I was expecting a, "Hey, Gwen!  How you doing?  It's been a while" or some other such segue.  Nope.

He waltzes up to us out of nowhere and immediately starts in with, "So I was talking to my brother the other day and we decided that instead of having the (Mardi Gras) ball on Friday night, we're going to move ours to Saturday night."  He continues along this vein for quite some time, name dropping and talking about other people's money.  It was bizarre and uncomfortable.  LM and I kept sweeping our eyes at each other and smiling.  I even attempted a brush-off with, "Well, it's nice to see you again" and failed.  He picked up on the brush-off, identified it and then stayed for much longer than was appropriate.  I can pick 'em, I tell ya.

Anyhoozle, I am off to buy supplies for the Hot Blogger Holiday Hook-Up.  I've got a couple things up my sleeve that the other gals don't know about.  Shhh!  

But I really need to scoot, I spent too much time dancing in the shower to Sharon Jones this morning and now I'm behind schedule.  At least it's a clean behind.


Dr Zibbs said...

Wait till you hear about my memorable blogger meetup

Anonymous said...

Us guys are assholes...dintja know? :)

enc said...

It sounds like you dodged a name-dropping bullet, G. I'm glad that clown moved off so space can remain open for your version of Mr. Right. Or whatever.

Sass said...

Be careful, Gwen...we may have surprises of our own for you.

Or we may not. Maybe THAT'S the surprise.


See you in 22 hours.

Son of a Thomas said...

Droping names. Did he drop Zibbs? See, you should have dated Brian. He would only pass you notes.

Dr Zibbs said...

Haha. I know the artist who's singing "Gwennie" on your SVR. Yessss.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget my number in case you need to be bailed out.

pistols at dawn said...

You were totally impressed by my stories. I could see it in your vacant eyes that glassed over and started looking around the room for other people to talk to.

mike said...

I always liked Sharon Jones on the Partridge Family.